Terms & Conditions

Latest revision: 22/08/2019

General Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions define how a contract between APlus Digital Solutions OÜ and its clients is implemented.

The company

APlus Digital Solutions OÜ

Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia

Registry number: 14660935

VAT: EE102138113

The client

The natural or legal person who receives the company’s services.

  1. From the moment that the client accepts a quote, accepts that he has read and agreed to these terms and conditions, without the need of a signature.
  2. The company reserves the right of adding, eliminating or modifying any clause of this document at any moment only with previous and explicit agreement from the client.
  1. All the prices provided by the company are without VAT unless otherwise agreed.
  2. The price of the services provided by the company is defined in the quote that the client receives by email or the price shown on our website. All the quotes issued by the company are valid for a 7-day period unless otherwise written on it. After this period, the company reserves the right of changing the quote for the same services.
  3. The company reserves the right of changing a quote if the client proposes any modification of any type. In any case, a quote has no contractual value until the client draws up the beginning of a project by the payment of the first invoice.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the company will charge in advanced 40% of the total price of the project. Then, it will charge the remaining amount according to the milestone schedule. The company won’t start any project until the client has paid the first 40% and also won’t deliver the final files of the project until the remaining amounts are paid as well.
  5. The payments made to the company will be through bank transfer, alternatively the company will accept Paypal and Stripe payments with an additional fee. The proof of payment or receipt has to be sent to us by email.
  1. The company will agree with the client the deadlines before the acceptance of the quote , and fully commits to follow them.
  2. The client commits himself to provide all the contents needed for the project (texts, pictures, videos, graphics or sound files) with the payment of the first invoice.
  3. The company reserves the right of modifying the deadlines agreed in duly justified cases or due to modification and/or extension of the project on the part of the client.
  1. The client will be fully committed to providing unpublished contents of its property. The company reserves the right of asking the client for documentary evidence of authorship of texts, pictures and videos, in any case, the company will use content which the client has no authorship or permission to use it.
  2. In any case, the client will respond for the copyright of the contents used for his project in front of possible requirement from the authorities and the company won’t have any responsibility facing demands for copyright reasons.
  1. The client is responsible for the compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation. The company may include in a quote if requested, a legal notice and a privacy policy. Those will be generic and the client has the responsibility of making sure that such documents are compliant with the current law.
  1. Unless otherwise agreed, the client will have the right to two reviews on his project. Such will involve small changes (typography, pictures, inclusion or exclusion of elements, etc.), not a major reviews on design (structure changes, section mockups, new functionalities, etc.).
  2. The company will evaluate the extent of the changes requested and will inform the client if those involve an extra effort and therefore, a modification of the quote. If so, the company will make a quote for the changes requested and will add them to the main one.
  1. The company has the need to be efficient. To achieve this, we must make sure that the scheduled projects are done on time. Sometimes, the company may reject project offers to make sure that the current projects are completed right on time.
  2. The company won’t start any project if it has not received all the contents requested for it unless otherwise agreed with the client.
  3. If a project has started and the client has not provided all the contents requested after a week, the company reserves the right of closing the project and not reimbursing the 40% invoiced in advanced.
  4. If during the development of a project, the client leads to continued delays of more than a week to provide requested contents or review the changes, the company reserves the right of charging an extra 5% to the final price of the project for each week of delay. If the client keeps on delays, the company reserves the right to close the project. If this is done, the company may not reimburse the amount of the first invoice and deliver the worked files as they are. Therefore, the client must make sure that he’s ready to start a project at the beginning of it.
  1. The client accepts that the company has diverse projects in process and therefore, it may not receive continuous feedback further on the need that may appear during the project.
  2. On the other hand, the client accepts that, in order to be competitive in prices and quality, the company cannot assist in face-to-face meetings unless otherwise agreed with the client. The company prioritise as a way of communicating the calls, emails and support tickets. If the client requires a meeting during the project, the company reserves the right of adding additional charges to the final quote or maybe offer a call or Skype as a free alternative. It may be charged if the client has to cancel it.
  1. The client and the company have the right to cancel a current project at any moment if it's done by written communication. The company will issue an invoice for the amount worked until that moment and may reimburse the difference only if such amount is lower than the paid amount. Otherwise, the remaining amount will have to be paid by the end of the month.
  1. If the client requires to install his web project to his own server, he accepts to provide all the credentials needed by the company depending on the type of project.
  2. The development of the project will be done in a test server from the company until is finished. The client will have the access needed to check the progress of his project.
  3. Every web project will include a hosting migration once the project is finished as long as the destination server is Linux based with MySQL database engine like Cdmon, 1and1, Arsys, Digital Ocean or HostEurope. In other cases, the company reserves the right of charging an extra 50€ to study the architecture and operation of the host.
  4. Once the project is successfully installed, the client is responsible for the maintenance of his website, unless a support and maintenance subscription is hired. The company won’t work, in any case, with non-Linux servers.
  1. The company is fully committed to adapt all his web projects to the latest and most used browsers and devices (Firefox, Internet Explorer at his latest version, Google Chrome, etc.), but we cannot guarantee the correct performance of all the web functionalities with browsers with certain extensions or certain operative systems.
  2. The client accepts this condition, as well as the fact that the company won’t be responsible for further adaptation to new versions of the browser and/or devices. reserving the right of making a separate quote for it. The client also accepts that the company doesn’t have all the devices to test the web project but simulators that may not adjust to the real ones.
  1. Except for static pages, the company will deliver websites easy to manage. However, the client accepts that he must count with basic WordPress knowledge (text management, page addition or suppression, etc.) or WooCommerce (text management, prices, coupons and promotions; product management, etc.) In case that the client requires training to manage his website or store, the company reserves the right to quote this training apart.
  2. The company won’t be responsible for the damage caused to the project by the client. We reserve the right of making a quote to repair a previously made project.
  3. The client accepts that the projects do not include specific plugins or libraries that may be required but won’t come bundled with the main software.
  4. The client accepts that the management of an eCommerce Platform is not included unless the ‘Unlimited’ support plan is hired.
  1. The company will deliver or deploy a web or software in a perfect state that the client must check at the moment of the delivery. Any further requirement that may appear will be quoted apart and will be done depending on the company availability like a new project.
  2. If the client has acquired a support and maintenance package, he has the right of asking for this service as long as it is under the limits established by the package hired. The company reserves the right of making a new quote to fix issues caused by code manipulation from the client, even if a maintenance and support package is acquired.
  1. The client will be responsible to buy the domain names needed for his project and paying its renewal.
  2. In case that the client acquires a maintenance and support package, it may include hosting so the client won’t have to assume additional fees.
  3. In case that the client wants to cancel the maintenance and support service he must take out his files or web before to another service. The company will not be responsible for this migration and may quote it apart.
  1. The project of the client will include a reference to the company, however, he can ask to delete of modifying such reference.
  2. The client accepts that we show his project as part of our portfolio on our website.
  1. The ‘hours of assistance’ are non-accumulable hours of tech support in which the assigned agent may fix, modify or improve any aspect of a project previously agreed with the client.
  2. The assigned agent reserves the right to determine if a modification will need additional hours or if it needs to be treated as a separate project (in case of major changes).
  3. The assistance time will start counting as soon as the agent starts working on the agreed changes/modifications.
  1. The company reserves the right of updating these document without previous notice.
  2. At the moment a client accepts these terms, they will be respected until the end. Therefore, each quote will include the version and last revision of the applicable terms. In case of a modification, those projects who still open will keep the terms and conditions that were previously accepted by the client.