Legal Notice

Latest revision: 22/08/2019

Legal Notice

In compliance with the current legislation and regulations with regard to data protection, we inform the following aspects.

The legal owner of the domain name and its subdomains is APlus Digital Solutions OÜ with registry number 14660935 and address in Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia. The contact address is [email protected]

Our website is informative, open and available to the public while our management platform is only for our clients. This one was made to have closer contact with our clients and to let them have better monitoring of the process of his projects. The fact os accessing any of this sites makes the visitor a user, who fully accepts from that moment the clauses of this legal notice.

The use of any of these sites for illegal proposes or harmful to the company is strictly forbidden. As well of the distribution, reproduction or modification of the contents of our website or platform without written authorisation from the legitimate owners.

The user accepts and fully commits to not to change, destroy or manipulate the contents, data, programmes or electronic documents in our web and/or platform. Nor introducing programmes, virus, macros or applets that may be harmful.

This legal notice makes reference at all times to our website and management platform. For this reason, is not applicable to third party websites that may be linked from ours.

The company is not responsible under no circumstance for the contents or services provided by third party websites that may be linked in our sites. Also, we cannot guarantee the availability, quality, validity and/or legality of any material or information obtained from such websites.

APlus Digital Solutions OÜ is the only and legitimate owner of all the rights of the contents of his website and management platform.

Any use of the elements subject to copyright to any purpose, especially commercial, as well as its distribution, reproduction or storage is strictly forbidden unless written authorisation is given from the company.

In compliance with the current legislation of data protection. Particularly the law 2016/679 of the European Parliament from April 27th. All the data obtained by the company will be processed according to the ‘Cookies and Privacy Policy’ available from our website.

The users are completely responsible in case the introduce, voluntarily or involuntarily, virus or elements that may interrupt the correct operation of our website or platform.

Users browse in our website or platform voluntarily and under their own risk. The company will be exempt of responsibility for potential damage to its users produced by:

  • Incorrect operation of the site.
  • The presence of malicious codes or virus that may produce disorders in the operation of any of our sites.

The company reserves the right of preventing and/or blocking any user that shows malicious intentions on our website or platform as well as if he doesn’t respect any clause of this document.

Also, the company is fully committed to maintaining the security of his sites and the correct operation of those in order to offer the best user experience.

The information on this page is up to date. The company reserves the right of making changes to this legal notice at any moment. For further information, queries and/or requests please send an email to [email protected]