About us

Welcome to APlus Digital Solutions! We boost companies with our technology.

We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions.
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Who We Are

We are an Estonian based European Company of IT Consultancy with global reach. Our team is made by experienced freelancers of different areas of development and management.


What We Do

Together, we provide high quality, scalable and efficient technological solutions for other companies. We love software and web development.


How We Do It

We offer the latest tech tools and custom solutions for each company. We follow our own transformation route in order to be precise and effective. This route consists of 6 steps: Study, Proposal, Development, Testing and Deployment.

Our vision, aims and values

APlus Digital Solutions was born from a group of freelancers with the same vision and philosophy. We know that there is an increasing freelance workforce also known as the 'Gig Economy' and we strongly believe that this will keep growing as it has a large benefit for industry. As freelancers, we are part of this new generation and we support it.

We realised that the best companies in different fields have something in common. They integrated the latest tech trends to improve their activities. That's what we like to call 'Digital Transformation'. The process in which a company adopts different IT solutions in order to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase profits. To go through the process, we created a path with six stages: Study, Propose, Develop, Test, Deploy and Analyse.

Those companies who have followed our path or a similar process in order to achieve our aims are now part of the 'New Generation Business'. We want to make your company part of this modern trend and this is our main value.

The APlus Path to the new Generation

Stage 1

Here, we study and detect needs and spots of improvements. We know that each case is different and we make a big effort to be precise and efficient.

Stage 2

At this point we make a set of proposals for each need previously detected. Here, the client decides which solutions he want us to develop.

Stage 3

Here, we work hard to bring to life our proposals right on time. This may be the most extensive and technical stage. The main task here is code, eat and repeat.

Stage 4

At this point, we will have all our solutions finished. Now its time to test them in order to fix failures. Depending on what we are working on we will make different tests to avoid any source of errors.

Stage 5

Now that everything was succesfully tested. We will deploy it and let our client enjoy his new toys. At this point we will quickly move to the last stage.

Stage 6

At this stage we will make a quick study in order to compare it with the results obtained in the first stage. We do this to show our client how much we helped in a final meeting.


What our customers say about us

Steven Price
European Institute for Industrial Leadership
Very enthusiastic, great work rate, technically capable, quick response and turnaround time - everything you'd want in a web-development partner.
Karin van de Burgwal
Entrepreneurial Experience Programme
We've been working with them for four years. They are reliable and know what they talk about. If there's a problem, we never have to worry about a quick and thorough solution. Quick response and always willing to help.